Power Walkers

 You should take Power Walking seriously. It’s an Olympic sport.


 Sunbathing. It's not just for white people.


 As a child it was fun game but as grown men…it’s war! 

Netflix and Kill

It's truly a stranger thing when you watch Stranger Things while getting killed.

Roommate Referee

 Roommate Referee is here to enforce of house rules because the penalties are flying in this apartment.


Ever had that handshake that just makes you feel awkward?


 Tinder dating etiquette Rule #1. Beware of the Catfish. 

Random Sleeping

 When you're a Top Producer you can sleep anywhere you want.

Stretching Out

 What do you do when the Russian Mafia wants to mess you up?

Game of Cornholes

 When you play the Game of Cornholes you either win or die.


 The Theragun delivers results 

Vegan Support Group

 First time at a support group? Don't worry, our Vegans will be gentle.